Monday, September 18

advice and advising...

I have spent the morning advising people where to find out of print books;I tried buying in a book for someone when I first opened and realised what a nightmare it could be. The book took weeks to get here, with no tracking system so I couldn't tell the customer when it was actually arriving and he didn't actually want it when it came!
I advise to wait until you have a few out of print books you want to read, buy from the same source and save on shipping costs...
Over the past week or so, I have bought a large amount of books in, gone to a few networking things and looked at new ideas to implement in the shop. I have been getting advice from everyone and suggestions which are largely very expensive and not based on any experience or logic.
I wish people would take a step back; it's not easy and it's wonderful having support - but I need to decide against costs and measurements and things that work!
I have been looking at solutions, shelves, areas and kids things for the shop and have a headache now!
I read this amazing book over the weekend called Kissing England - Sean Thomas which was awarded the bad sex in fiction prize in 2000 I think; badsexin fiction. I loved this book and read it in a day because it was about friendship, England, addiction to heroin, being in love with the same women and the lead character was a complete racist but was involved with a girl 10 years younger than him of mixed race.This book grabbed me because it was really about men of my age; getting by as well as getting older all with this love of England and things English in their backgrounds.
I read in between dinner with friends on Sat night, lunch at centennial Park with sis and her friends on Sunday ,we spent a good few hours in the sun and chilling with coffees, I went for a good walk in the sun afterwards and spent the night reading, watching documentaries and just relaxing!
I have bought a few books this morning, sold a lot of crime fiction, had a visit from a regular customer and her dogs and now am about to start reading Jasper Fforde's The Big Over Easy...

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