Friday, September 15

another early morning!

I was up again at 7 am this morning to let in the pest control guy and to finally get the flat sorted and flea free! Then since it was so early I walked to a cafe (with Hemingway in his cat box) and had an incredibly healthy breakfast with coffee while sitting in the sun and reading Catch Me if You Can movieandbookhere! It's really intriguing that this man managed to con all the people he came across for most of his life and achieved the results he did.
Since I have been at the shop this morning I am listing all the changes needed to take place over the next few months and potential costs and work involved in doing so!
I am also making personal changes to my service, to the customers - like buying back books and offering a loyalty programme as well as making them feel welcome and getting them to stay!
I have been giving hundreds of ideas and loads of advice over the past week, mostly about results that my competitors are doing. It's good to research and measure and analyse and see the things I love about other places and shops and change that here! That said any comments and suggestions would be most welcome! :)
I have spent the morning buying books from a customer, changing the window display, cleaning, pricing and shelving books as well as reading to a little girl, holding a baby boy and helping my regulars find crime fiction and recommending an armful of books to someone.
It has been a really good day so far, what with chatting to customers and buying some really interesting books on toasts, wedding speeches, yoga and pregnancy books and a range of business books!
It's time for lunch, my customer service manual and to carry on listing all the ideas I have...

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