Friday, August 18

work, work, work!

I am still working on the email campaign and trying to get people on the database, I have about a week to go before I send it out. So I have spent the last hour or so, changing its look and colours!
I have been tidying the drawers, reading to a baby boy and to the post office to pay some bills. I am having a bit of a personal spring clean and am looking to move things around and get rid of older books and get newer fresher ones in! I have two weeks to do all this.
It is such a beautiful day and I just want some sun!
Since Tuesday I have been buying books and coming up with ideas to promote and market the shop and I am thinking of possible changes! So any suggestions would be most welcome! They have to be inexpensive and viable though!
I am still reading Coronation Talkies - I have been so busy lately that I haven't finished it yet!
Last night I went to my sis for salmon (yum!) and helped her out a bit before putting myself to bed! I sense a long weekend and week ahead so I am getting my sleep in now.
I am also looking at doing more reviews and writing... so am looking at websites to promote the shop and to write for!
I just looked through three boxes of books which a lady wanted me to buy and they were all bent and torn and old looking and pages were falling out - sheesh!
My mind if filled with ideas and maybes so can't seem to think of much to say today...

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