Thursday, August 17

a two man job...

The cupboard man finally came early this morning to remove my broken (glass!) and heavy sliding cupboard door after at least 3/4 months of phoning and making a suitable time! On the phone I had explained how the cupboard is broken and I want it removed so please bring whatever you need to get it out! Well he came alone and announced it's a two man job and then attempted to leave a HUGE and broken cupboard in my room leaning against the window! I made him lift the thing and move it out the room into the spare room, all the time wondering why he had not just bought another person along and saved all the excuses! So that was the start to my morning! I also visited a friend who works at a spa down the road from me, cleaned the flat a little and bought some flowers for the balcony! I am really affrected by spring and am wearing a summer dress! The weather feels fantastic! :) And the flowers look great but just the start, I am doing the whole inner section in yellow and green flowers and pots and the outer section is reds, pinks and purples (they were on sale) - just breathing a bit of life and colour in! Oh when I say doing, I mean buying the flowers in pots and putting them down - no gardening involved!
At work yesterday and today, I started up a skeleton database (to fill in when I get responses) and found a site for free sign ups and forms, which I then printed out to eventually fill a database! I will get people to sign the form when they purchase! So that took all of yesterday and today and I am also designing a spring email campaign so I can give away a free book with every purchase - you heard it here first!That starts on the 1st September.
Phew - it is a LOT of work! My head was spinning by 5pm and my eyes were red from the computer and designing forms all day so I closed up and went with another Israeli friend to spy on Gertrude and Alice and drink coffee before I went home! Hey it's work, I looked at books, spied and looked at what areas were doing well!
Last night I started thinking about trust, faith and belief again while watching madhotballroom This movie is about 5th graders in New York who receive a 10 week ballroom dancing course as part of their syllabus, especially geared at the poorer New York schools. It focused mainly on three schools but also on the kids themselves and how their attitudes and potentials changed just through dancing and becoming a team. And feeling proud, showing leadership and recognising things in each other. To me, it's all about trust as in trusting someone who wants to be part of your team and trusts you to do the right thing ( I think trust is at its strongest when you build a relationship with a sibling, pet whatever and you NEVER cross the line; in my case with Hemingway who often lies down sprawled out in front of me and sometimes I step over him if I need to because I have never betrayed the trust so it becomes stronger!) and belief is when someone validates you and makes you feel worthy and in this movie, the team believes in each other. Faith is something else, I was talking about faith with a friend last night, faith is generally in god; but to me it's having belief, conviction and loyalty to some sort of belief system. My biggest strugggle over all this time of changing and growing into a hopefully better person, is faith! And I mean the what do I believe in, what am I utterly certain of, what am I afraid that if I lose it, I will never get it back. And the answer is that I don't know...
When I arrived at work, the invites to the Charing Cross Business Awards are out and I am a finalist in the Champion of Community category - dogs and babies are greeted by name! The finalists are announced at the Legion Club down the road, so keep your don't we're talking about in a fortnight!
I am helping a friend find jobs, setting up an email campaign and putting the shop into free business directories on the net for the rest of today so...


  1. Well done on being a finalist E - that's great!! I love the spring idea too - I'm a big fun of flowers everywhere - so cheery!!
    You certainly are a busy girl! Did you get any ideas from that other bookshop?? Sneaky, but I like it!!

  2. so exciting! although it's more about the canapes and drinks and gossiping with the other shop keepers...