Saturday, August 19

accumulating friends...

After work last night I went shopping with the original Israeli, we went to Coles and I wandered around speaking on my mobile while he shopped for groceries. Then I popped over to two friends who live in the same area as me and I just thought - how amazing it is to make friends and have different friends you can do different things with like shop, or gossip over dinner or watch paint!
My brother in law edited my email campaign for me and his is so good and to the point - I was very impressed so will be changing the whole thing later!
My email campaign is all reds and yellows and looks great so will spend the rest of today editing it (thanks bruv in law!) and getting it ready to send!
I know I have been babbling on about this email campaign but it is a seriously impressive concept, you download a template and design it, change colours, fonts, format, background etc and end up with a professional looking advert! It takes a bit of time re formatting and designing it, but it looks great and looks like some work and thought went into it.
All I need to do now is re design it , change the wording (again!)and send it to about 50 or so people and get them to forward it on. And anyone who comes in and purchases a book over spring, gets a free book! So it's advertising with benefits!
I finally finished Coronation Talkies and am now reading Jane Green's Life Swap; which questions which is better?, who is happier?, do we have the life we really want? Funnily enough my sis and I just emailed back and forth about her saying how exciting my life sounds and my returning that she has a home they built together, a great job and a husband! So this book should be interesting for both of us to read! I do love my life but do envy people in relationships although people in relationships are very quick to point out that's its not all gazing at each other adoringly and pure bliss! And I am quick to point out that its not all parties and dates and nights out and glamour!
The days are getting and better, it's nearly spring! and I keep meeting people who add value to my life, either through art (like my painter friend) or through pure entertainment value but with a great fondness (like my Israeli friend!) I think in that area I am most at peace that I have found people who 'get' me!
This is the first Saturday that there are people out and about all in t-shirts, so I think that the shop will start picking up again! I have been buying some great books all week and popping them in the window and the shop is full of colour!
I am in the middle of drinking tea, reading Life Swap, designing the email campaign and selling kids books to people...

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