Monday, August 14

wonder, irritable, cranky, delirious

Over the past week, things are spinning round me! I have a niece who is incredible to watch to touch and to hear my sis prattling on about ! My friends are all going through things and I wonder how Grace is (although she did let me know!) and how Narcheska is coping and how other close friends are coping with their stuff! I have spent a great deal of my time this week thinking and reading about relationships, listening to friends and trying to balance everything. I have been cranky because I need me time and to think about the shop and to think about all the things people have said to me lately. It has been the quietest fortnight shop wise, I made the decision over the weekend to up the shop a bit and funnily enough after I wrote the blog on Sat I received three bags of books - free! So I am going to buy again this week and am also thinking of the next marketing thing I am going to do?! Any suggestions? Spring is coming soon so I am planning discounts or a party or...
I spent my yesterday at home, then hanging out with The Israeli's flatmate and the girl staying at me. First we went to the Junction to pick up stuff and then went to a BBQ! I didn't feel like loud people or drinking or small talk so we left the girl staying at me with a bunch of loud blokes and alchohol and the Israeli's flat mate and I got take aways - sushi for her and KFC for me and we went to hang out at her place and watched Memoirs of a Geisha! I was a bit confused - I got up to take a call and when I got back she suddenly became a Geisha! I was like, what happened? We hang out and then I just wanted to go home and read - I just couldn't deal with anything at all yesterday.
I am in the shop today and am feeling a bit irritable! I had one woman come in and go on and on and on about how she wasn't planning on buying books, she was just having coffee and asking me how much each book was despite me telling her that the prices varied so each price is printed on pencil inside. This happened for over 15 minutes and I just wanted to snap at her.
Then I had another old woman, who was actually very sweet, but kept asking me if I had a specific book. I told her I wasn't sure and started to look and she went on about this book. I wanted to snap at her too, advised her to phone the publishers or go to a shop that dealt specifically with Australiana.
And the delirious bit? Well I just like that word!
So I have a book to finish reading and then books to put out and price and clean! Hopefully I will get less moody as the day goes on and refrain from snapping at anyone! This book shop girl is drinking coffee getting on with her work...


  1. I like the world delirious too!

    Incidentally, I've only just dropped by, but one form of publicity would be telling your blog readers what bookshop you're working for!

    Keep up the bloggery eh?

  2. aaaah Amy! There is a book shop link and if you click on my profile, a link to my website and email! I am sure that with a simple click or two that's all the publicity I need!