Tuesday, August 15

change and a new attitude!

Don't you worry! I am still a hot librarian! I just decided that it's all about publicity and this Miss Books on Bronte has no qualms about shamelessly marketing her business online!
Thanks to all the people who emailed me after reading my blog yesterday with the diagnosis of Mondayitis - it was a HUGE case of omg what do I do next!? Things had quietened down and I guess I needed to decide on what my next step is for this business! Tonight I am going to a networking/merketing event at The Eastern and will be learning about zero budget marketing. And after several emails and comments I decided last night that as hot as I am, it really helps naming the actual bookshop! Thanks Grace! :)
So... have sent out an email informing people of the change and am all dressed up in black to go to the networking thingy tonight! I will hand out bookmarks left, right and centre!
I am reading a page turner called Coronation Talkies agreatbook!, which I read for about 2 hours in the bath after I got home and was in such a terrible mood all day! It is literally a page turner, I just don't want to stop reading this book, based very loosely on 1930s India and is all about the British colonial power at the time! Every one wonders why I read so much fiction and I'll say this, reading is my pleasure and learning something new everytime gives me a sense of history and the times without having to keep my eyes open while reading a non fiction history book! This book is brilliant because it gives me the sense of history, colour, culture while reading in between the lines of this fictitious account of an Englishwoman who finds herself in India!
So today I have been to the bank, swept the back and front, popped some books in the window and I haven't even had the urge to snap at anyone!
I am ready for tonight, actually can't wait I think it's more about the finger food and drinks than the actual networking and I love The Eastern! My friend's business is having an exhibition tonight but of course it's at the same time so I'll miss it!


  1. Love the new name - what a good idea!! You'll always be hot missey so you don't have to worry about that!
    It's like a new start and a fresh burst of energy for the shop - you're getting so good at this networking business too - enjoy it!! xxx