Saturday, August 12

What a productive morning so far!

It's turning out to be a productive morning already! It's not even 11am. I have answered all my mail from home - my mail box was full up and paid some bills and sorted them out! I have received my census form, logged onto the net, filled it out and submitted it! I have swept and mopped the shop and shelved all the straggly books in the back! I ate a toasted bagel with cheese and spinach for breakfast, I am drinking a fruit juice with spirulina, taken multi vitamins and have already got an email from the Lebanese? guy I met on Thurs night, sending me a link to an article about him in the local newspaper and how weird is this? He was born on the 15th Jan - I SWEAR unless I am going nutty I just met someone else born on the same day!
I have also started texting people while reading in bed in the mornings that's 8am/8:15 am before I get up! Most people have sensibly texted me back later, but I just have the sudden urge to get things done!
Last night I went grocery shopping with The Israeli and bought a tiny roasted chicken, potatoes and pumpkin for dinner (as well as the usual basics!) and chose some DVDS. I spent the night in with Hemmy watching Derailed with Jennifer Aniston and one word, okay two - surprisingly brilliant! This was an excellent movie about all sorts of things, affairs, con men, Jennifer Aniston as this hot financial executive - I was very impressed!
I am really starting to enjoy this time off, doing my own thing!
I have started emailing my friends and talking to people more, because as much as I love this blog and love using it as a diary; there is so much I can't write on here! I am using this as a link to my shop but am becoming aware, largely through Girl With A One Track Mind of the devastating results and effects something has when you are using a blog to honestly write about your sexual encounters and suddenly people know who you are! Poor girl!
I am the opposite, people know who I am and can click onto my book shop link and come buy zillions of books (please do!) so I am protecting my personal life! I KNOW it's a thrilling one, consisting of chicken, my cat and I but still! :)
Back to the shop! It's been a quiet week, not sure if it's the weather or people are doing other things - but I have had a lot of me time this week! My painter friend is teaching me how to design my website and make changes so I can control that end of things eventually, I have been researching marketing, PR and publicity tools, but I have spent a lot of this week reading and thinking! I haven't been buying much or changing the display as often so today will buy whatever comes in today and will do something, some big re arranging something by the end of the day! The window and the stuff on the floor will all be moved about!
So I have my coffee and am going back to reading the Anna Maxted book...

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