Thursday, August 3

watch this!

This is so amazing - Brigette Gabriel telling it like it is...
As you know I was off this morning so have been with my sis, went for brekky at Gertrude and Alice and bought books for the shop, had coffee and spent some time with a new friend and Hemingway! It was the perfect sunny morning! I love this weather!
We spent about 2 hours in Bondi looking at art, patting dogs (me!), chatting to people (me again!), eating brekky (me!) and just soaking in the atmosphere, the beautiful people and the almost summer day!
Last night I got the puppy ready to puppy sit him again (ie take him home and for walks and pamper him!) and off we went to have the shops dinner in the local pub up the road. I had the best $6 Thai steak and chips and salad and we all chatted and ate and shared shop stuff, business stuff and had the best time! While I was there the puppy got a lot of attention and a potential buyer! They completely and utterly fell in love with each other! So I called the owner and they spoke for a while and sold the puppy!, leaving me free to go meet some friends and ended up having a late dinner and night! We started at The Eastern and ended up having dinner! at 12am at Dee Bees! Crazy!
I must admit I had puppy withdrawal symptoms this morning, I loved him! I want to go for walks and see that kind of bliss and experience that absolute joy and love for everything - everyday. I think they are excellent therapy and pet owners must be happier and healthier - surely?
I am looking through the 2006 Books Alive Great Read Guide and have watched Brigette Gabriel's speech, seen that Irvine Welsh has bought out a new book and am about to have lunch and price the books I bought this morning!
Pops and I have just hung up the rest of the art - the wall is full! and put out a whole lot of books in the back - I have an idea for the road but won't say yet, need to speak to a few others first!
I have been reading a Dr Karl book, all about science and haven't even read the first three pages of Middlesex yet! I have been so busy...

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