Wednesday, August 2

a puppy, breakfast in Bondi, 3 walks...

I got to look after a 9 week old border collie boy last night!
We went for three walks 2 last night and one this morn!, had a 50 minute shower this morn (you try dealing with a puppy and a psychotic cat!) and went for breakfast in Gusto this morn. Gusto is this really trendy cafe with outdoor seating owned by an Isreali and has the most fantastic coffee and is usually sunny and full of trendy Bondi people - I love going there - it has a lot of good energy and I needed to wake up. I went with my friend who lives across the road from me and he knows all the Israelis! Fun! I feel tired (very very tired - they have SO much energy!) but I also feel like I have had a week's worth of therapy! The puppy greeted everyone, licked everyone, found everything thrilling, ignored Hemingway my cat (very clever puppy - if you ask me!), went with me to visit friends last night and for a 2 hour walk last night in Bondi!
I took him to show him Hurricanes (best steak restaurant - what a smell!), KFC (CLOSED?!), clothes shops and books shops and we took a taxi home because he decided he didn't want to walk anymore!
I just took him back to the pet shop across the road and am drinking my second cup of coffee - I think I have had about 5 hours sleep! I have a dinner tonight so a long day ahead!
So far this morn, I have had two really nice English girls buying cards and books and some more people wanting to sell books?! I average some days about 5/6 people asking me to buy books so am glad that people seem to read so foraciously! But we are full up and things are a bit quiet, so am still not buying! As I type this another lady came in to ask me if I was buying books and yesterday this man told me he was selling his entire collection of UFO books - about 150 in total! As if! What am I going to do with so many UFO books?!
I am excited today as a magazine is doing a fashion shoot on this road and may pop outside my shop in the afternoon when the sun comes on this side! :) Hopefully the shop will be on some pictures so I can PR it!

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