Friday, August 4


Grace you will be pleased to know that it's raining here and the shop is full (well 5!) of single men! It's about time! I did have a really sweet old man in here earlier looking at biographies but now have one in the Art section, two looking at Classics, one in the Self Help section, one digging in the $2 shelf and one - oh just walked out!
It is a miserable and cold day here, it has been pouring and it's all grey out but nice and warm in here!
I looked after another border collie boy last night - he was much more nervy and whimpery and sicklier than his brother. I went out for burgers with Mops and Pops after work, bumped into my cousin and kept him company while he finished his dinner, took the puppy walking (lots of attention!), had coffee at Cafe Bondi and went home and ended up watching old re runs of Sex and The City til 12am or so with a friend who is staying at me.
Luckily I had another friend with us and had helping walking the puppy and keeping Hemmy from murdering him! We all had coffee and discussed Sex and The City - but you can probably see that I have not caught up on my sleep and am so tired! Hopefully I can sleep in on Sun!
This morn, I have watched some news, had coffee and croissants with a friend, got soaking wet and just feel very sleepy and relaxed and warm. It is so nice to be indoors on days like these and the shop apart from the single men has been busy all morning!
Someone has just shown me this very pro Islam site complete with all kinds of scary stuff especially really terrifying pictures of young kids with bomb belts and all pro Terrorism pictures, either belts strapped to them or mothers dotingly attaching things to them. These are really young kids who seem very proud and it's so terrifying! FaithFreedom
I am about to choose a nice chick lit to read this morn and still have to think of my idea and who is best to speak to about it! I have a family dinner tonight, and then might meet up with some friends! I need to clean the flat - it was cleaned yesterday but smells like puppy and to convince Hemingway that he is my one and only pet!
I have just chosen Aches and Pains - Maeve Binchy to read all about the humour in health and medicine and also plan to do a bit more of my Public Relations Kit for Dummies before the end of today!


  1. 5 single men, lock the door!! I could do with 1... Bloody Mr Short Shorts has hooked up with slutty red stiletto chicky - the shoes were there again this morning!!!