Wednesday, August 16

human again!

Stress is a strange thing! It puts a lot of pressure on and consumes everything else - in my case sleep! I haven't slept well lately and yes to all you scientists and boffins out there, it affects mood and performance and silly little daily things! So... I am feeling human again, I think I have caught up on all the sleep I needed and am in the middle of making a decision for the next event in the shop - Spring!!!! It's on Friday 1st September and I am thinking of all sorts of cheery things involving flowers and books and um haven't quite decided yet!
I went to a great networking thing last night, didn't get to meet as many people as I normally would but I loved the speaker! I just scribbled and scribbled while she spoke and came up with all sorts of ideas while she was making really valuable suggestions and comments! :)
I went straight to bed and woke up feeling like right, time for the next step, the next project, the next positive move for the shop.
She said one thing that resonated, What can I do better? So I made a whole lot of scribbled notes and my main things are to establish a customer database, improve customer service (moodiness must go!), repeat things which have worked and....
Before the networking, I went to buy some kids books which sell well in the shop (that's me repeating a good thing) and then zipped into a $1 shop to buy a canvas bag, so I wouldn't be carrying plastic bags to the meeting - first impressions and all. I got some excellent kids books and a funky orange/blue canvas bag and I entered the network meeting last night thinking a year ago I would have never bought this well and achieved this so quickly - it was all selected and paid for in under 15 minutes!
I also decided that I will get rid of the second blog I was going to start to use as a personal base! I decided I have friends for that and if need be maybe it's time I spoke to someone about how hard it is to make all these changes to yourself and to struggle with the things I have unearthed!
So so far this morning I have bought some excellent books, have to price and shelf the kids books, have to look at a site to get free resources so I can start a cutomer thingy and start thinking of spring - my best season!
Then I can get a coffee...

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