Wednesday, August 9

omega 3, happiness, long nights...

I got an email this morn from an old friend who read my blog for the first time - how on earth do you find time to read all those books, run a shop,have a social life,keep a blog diary and sleep!!!
Thank you for making me smile and for making me feel so proud of all the stuff I have done up to now! I am eating healthier (believe me - salads, fruits, cut down on some rubbish, have lots of fish!but allow myself treats and junk and to let go as well!), I am watching my body (giving it what it needs - for a change! - sometimes exercise) and I am learning how to balance everything...
I think there is one word that sums it up though - happiness! I am literally happy most of the time and it has affected my health, my relationships, my family, my work, my choices and Hemingway - even! Sometimes I get annoying because I am so happy and my attitude is changing, I view men differently, I am much more open to criticism, I am in fact much more open (not sure about this one - sometimes I think being too open and honest has the disadvantages of of course being more vulnerable and open to getting hurt by others!)
Now it's been 9/10 months since I realised I had to fix myself, fix my attitude, change many of the things I don't like and most importantly make sure my health is on track. I spend and have spent a lot of this time questioning and being critical of myself and building myself up to this woman I have always wanted to be...
What's incredible about all of this is the affect it has on other people, I meet people al the time and make really strong firm friendships, children and animals respond to me, people stop and talk to me, I click and connect with others and my friends feel I have a more positive outlook and that the changes are great because I have my vitality and energy and all it takes is a lot of work and effort!
I just wish that I had done this 10 years ago; seriously sometimes I think of the years I wasn't eating properly and was down and had things about me that I really really disliked and I thought - what a waste!
Today I am keeping an eye on my morning dog because his owner had stuff to do; problem is that this dog is a bit lost without his owner and running up and down the road looking for him, so I keep popping out to talk to him!
I was looking at this book this morning betterthanchocolate:50 proven ways to feel happier
and not surprisingly it's proven that eating fish, believing in something, connecting with others, laughing and getting married are some of the things that make you happy. I then found his blog which I skimmed to and wasn't too sure about!
Am about to do a children's reading, look after the dog and get on with my day, thanks for making me smile!

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