Thursday, August 10

friends, my niece and sun!

I slept like a baby last night which is apparently more than the real baby in our lives - my gorgeous (really!) niece who I visited this morning! My sis and brother in law are so happy and she is such a tiny thing, all pink and squirmy and I got to hold her and kiss her in between sleeps and feeds and changes that continue 7/9 times a day!
So when I say I slept well, I mean more like Hemingway and I woke up feeling alive and vibrant and the sun was shining so I must be even more annoying today than usual! :)
I am reading Anna Maxted's - behaving like adults - about Holly who feels like she is playing the role of a grown up like owning a business and ending a bad relationship but she still behaves like such a child! Then something major (can't tell you!) happens to her and she finds herself behaving like a child but faking the adult part - so confuses everyone and snaps and makes terrible decisions. I love Anna Maxted, her three books are always about deep issues but written into intelligent chick lit and I needed to read this one last night for some reason!
So am at work now, about to shelf children's books which Pops priced and cleaned this morning!
My friends have been so good to me, especially the ones who have signed my dreambook on my website! and have listened to me prattle on when I have been stressed and tired of late! I love how I told a friend I was coming over to see her tonight and she responded with outstanding!
My friends mean a lot to me, possibly more than most others, because I feel like they 'get' me and are amused and entertained by me but like and respect me in equal measures! I really feel like I listen and support my friends in a way I wish I could do with my family - but I seem to regress when I am with them and they don't seem to 'get' me, something I place a huge deal of importance on! I have met some people who 'get' me straight away and it amazes me and makes me secure!
Strangely I am like that with books as well, I feel connected to the way it was written as if the author is speaking to me, directly, like Anna Maxted and I go back to a lot of books like old friends when I feel tired or stressed...
I have the toyman finally in here sorting out the toys - 5 months later after trying to call and arrange someone to come in! Whoops - turned out they forgot all about us!
so... books to read, new toys to look at and a visit with friends...

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  1. E - I am so proud of you. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear you being so positive and sounding so happy. You are such an amazing girl and it's about time you realised that too!!! You are beautiful inside and out - and everyone else can see it and I'm so glad that you are taking good care of yourself now and making an effort. Good for you!!! Keep it up!