Monday, August 28

Grace, rearranging and books to put out!

Grace is here from Hong Kong! She decided to come away for a few days and surprised me when she called to make sure I was coming to the Dolphin Hotel on Sat night! I hadn't been to The Dolphin in a while (was really crusty!) and I was cringing at the thought of going there! But it has been done up with fireplaces, swanky furniture, polished floors and an amazing balcony, so am so glad I did!
It's fantastic seeing Grace after 4 months and she looks fantastic - we had yummy food ( I had ocean trout with leeks and celeriac puree!), we went for dessert to Micky's afterwards and she visited me yesterday!
I stayed in with Hemingway on Sunday, cleaned the entire flat, bought groceries, bought more plants for my balcony and spent the rest of the day with Grace. She's having a dinner on Tues night before going back to Honkers on Wed and she just made my weekend!
I have spent the morning drinking tea and coffee as well as arranging the travel section. It looks emptier because I haven't started pricing, cleaning and shelving the books we bought on Sat but at least the Travel and Sci fi sections are ready to be filled! I pretty much moved all the books along so I have room for the books that are ACTUALLY selling!
I went buying with my dad and the friend who stayed at me on Sat afternoon and we drove for an hour and a bit, bought three boxes of good books for very little, had lunch at my good friend's cafe and drove back.
I have spent the morning chatting to another Israeli friend of mine who bought along some coffee and planning my week. I am having $10 steak with Mops and Pops tonight and am going to visit my friend Swell afterwards for coffee and a chat, am having dinner with Grace and a few others before she leaves on Tues night and am taking a friend along to the shop/council Awards on Wed night. I have been nominated for the Champion of the Community category and hopefully will win! I also need to get a prize together for a hamper they are giving away!
Hopefully I can stop by my sis and see my niece later too...
I finished off and sent the email campaign this morning - can you believe that it's Spring this Friday??? I just bought some books from this lady and they are all popular bestsellers, I have also had an excellent day sales wise so far! :)
So now I need to start on the books in the back; so the shop gets filled up again and get some lunch! I love this weather!

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