Tuesday, August 29

Espresso Tales...

I started reading Alexander McCall Smith's second serial book, EspressoTales early this morning and I love it! I am already half way through. He wrote a serial novel for the Scotsman and it became so popular that he continued with the stories of people who live in Edinburgh and has been convinced to write the third one! I love his style; I feel like his main characters are so well developed and I can't wait to read what happens to each of them. And I also love how it is about ordinary people living their ordinary lives but he delves into aspects of psychology and relationships and resentment... it is really fascinating. Charles Dickens did the same sort of thing and focused on Victorian life. During Victorian times he was considered a sensational and enlightened writer because he travelled to the places he wrote about and had journalism experience. Espresso Tales is about Edinburgh and the places and some of the people are real, possibly connecting a lot of readers.
So far I have fed my morning dog, chatted to a couple of locals, sorted out some books in the back and filled my $1 box outside, googled a trilogy for someone, sold something from the window display and priced some children's books.
I have a lot of boxes to go and want to finish this book! I am hoping that I'll find a book deep in one of the boxes that will be perfect for the hamper prize tommorrow night.
I had the best steak last night; it's been a while since I have been there and despite it being freezing cold, the steak was huge and perfect! Then I came home, spoke to my sis in the UK (been months!) and watched Grey's which centred on lies and deceit. I always try to find some sort of hidden depth in Grey's which has a good script but is a little soap operaish and unrealistic and got thinking about deceit and possibly the worst kind of deceit - when you do it to yourself. In Grey's someone rather nastily pointed this out; but how often do we lie to ourselves and hurt ourselves? I think we know the truth and it hurts but most of us (all of us?) tend to hold on until it hurts too much or until we get slapped really hard!
So I have work to do, books and books and books to clean....

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