Monday, August 7

full on...

Someone got stabbed this weekend in Bondi, nobody knows the real story but it seemed ironic considering that a South African friend is here and I am babbling about how safe I feel in Sydney and how bad the crime is in South Africa and this happens down the road from where I live Bondistabbing
Everything seems so full on this morning. I had one of the nicest and busiest Saturdays at work, literally had people in and out all day and the shop did really well! It was one of those really good days where everyone was lovely, I sat with a puppy for a bit on the shop stairs and just chatted to everyone and people bought whatever I recommended - I'm sensing a pattern here! It just encourages me to read more, to learn more, to take more of an interest in everything and use it to my advantage! The benefits are that it brings me such joy anyway - to look things up and cross read over genres to discover new authors and different writing and then to research it. So this morning I am going to get on the net and find author info and peruse all the best sellers and do a bit of a knowledge thing!
After work on Sat, I was so exhausted after a long week and a few late nights that I slept a couple of hours, woke up, watched Pirates of The Caribbean (how weird is that Grace?) ate biltong and spent the night in with Hemingway - perfect night!
I love my Sundays and this one was especially good because I spent the majority of it, having fun at home with the girl staying at me, going for a walk and ended up having the lunch I invited people to! So about 15 people came to that and I was stimulated and entertained and just spent the rest of the day and night, feeling close and special and connected. I love hanging out in Bondi, realxing and chatting and had yummy ribs so it was a fantastic day!
We watched Proof and Tsotsi last night - this is the second time I have seen Tsotsi and was still moved and even more affected because I spent a bit of my day ranting about why I couldn't live in South Africa anymore. But then I watched this movie and this country that's in my blood and I hear the Kwaito music and I am hooked again and torn again.
I had a great brekky this morning, beans on toast, am drinking a coffee and I want to sort out all these feelings about South Africa and this poor man getting stabbed.
I just have a customer in here asking for Across the Nightingale Floor - who has read it? I have a copy at home and started the first page a while back but haven't since! I have heard it is really good though, all these readers loved it! readerreviews
I have a lot to do and think about this morning, am feeling a bit confused about non shop things (for a change!) and need to think about what I want and need, but also want to look at PR and marketing, I met a graphic designer yesterday who wants to help and want to spend some time on book stuff with me and I want to look at reviews across the world!
I have had three people in this morning already trying to seel books again, mad!


  1. I've read across the nighttingale floor - its great!
    Remember ur friend recommended it to us at G&A??

  2. I know! I was hoping some fellow reading challenge people were reading this!