Friday, August 11

Meet Joe Black

Last night I met up with my painter friend and ate at Bunga Bar and met two incredible guys! They were both Lebanese, and are young Liberals. Obviously we spoke about the war but they were also very pro education and had this incredible convinction that they had the ability to make changes themselves. Have a look at this website - it's wonderful how there are people out there who if you are lucky to meet... oops doesn't work!
After chatting to my friend and eating a yummy salad and calamari;I went to visit a very new friend who I only met 3 weeks ago and feel like I get her and she gets me! We started talking about love and men and relationships (of course) and she talked about Meet Joe Black and a line in the movie about when lightening strikes or it's about the lightening/look for the lightening or something along those lines! I didn't sleep very well thinking about all of this and everything that has happened to me in such a short 9 month period. She and her boyfriend met, fell utterly for each other and she is living with him now and they were saying it happens, they are old enough and had enough experiences to know that this was something HUGE and it just hit both of them...
On the way to work, all the songs were about soppy mushy lovey stuff and everyone I have spoken to in the past week has developed a positive outlook! I think that spring is coming, it feels lighter and slightly warmer and people are coming out more - Bunga Bar was busy!
Today I came in, swept, rearranged the window and some books, had coffee, read to a few children, found books for a man who was looking for a humour book for his friend and now I am thinking about Narcheska - who I am very proud of and my friend last night who was prattling about lightening and hope and miracles...
I was reading the Twelfth Man ( which happens to be the hanged man tarot card) this morning and am now continuing with behaving like adults and am finding it hard to read about Holly and what she is going through!
a baby has just come in so off I go to read some books to him..

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  1. Meet Joe Black is such an excellent movie. I know just the line you are talking about. You must rent this film...I own it!