Wednesday, August 30


Have you ever found that you have been talking about things and then you pick up a book and they're all in there? I have been reading Espresso Tales and stuff like a famous court case (which I discussed with my lawyer friends over dinner one night) is in there - the case of Donaghue vs Stevenson findingasnail...
Then I met someone who was talking about birds and how they are innate and even if they are captive for generations;if they are returned to the wild their natural instincts guide them towards building the nests they would in nature (I'm babbling here) and there it is in the book! Who believes in coincidences? Or do we meet people and talk about things for a reason? It certainly helped me when I read this book and got what he was saying about the birds and later about the court case!
I have selected a book for the hamper tonight - I chose Shop Girl by Steve Martin considering most of us are shop girls and a book voucher. It's all wrapped up and sitting on my desk.
I unpacked all the boxes yesterday and took a few books I was given for free across the road, they were all huge hardcovers and old looking. I still have piles of books to go!
We went to one of Grace's favourites last night MohrFish and it was incredible. It's this tiny place with delicious smells, really white and sterile looking but cosy! I had the salmon with mash, oyster mushrooms and snow peas and salad greens and it was delcious. I basically cleaned my plate!
I have spent the morning sorting out the books and looking after a friend's two year old son Hurricane Z... while she was sorting out her flat tyre! He screamed and cried a lot but also smiled and drew pictures and helped me with the piles of books!
Grace has been in to say good bye and she gave me a bag full of books - thank you thank you thank you!
It's only 12pm but fell like I have had a full day and still have at least 50 books or more to put out! I am also really hungry and I am looking at some old kids books on my desk - one is called Understanding The Facts Of Life an Usborne book published in 1985 all about sex, nutrition, growing up etc but the information is really dated so it's just amusing to read!
I am finishing off my reading challenge, getting the shop ready for spring and my give aways on Friday and am looking forward to the awards tonight...

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