Monday, August 21

cramming it all in!

Let's see marketing, niece's first showing (this is where my sis's family and friends came to a HUGE tea to see her and gossip!), brunch, friend's birthday party, book buying, dinner, watching a band, marketing ideas, looking at shops and shop changes... it's all been crammed in! That was pretty much my weekend and today I have been drinking coffee, working on the marketing and am about to look up ideas for changing the shop a little.
My weekend was jam packed with people I cared about! I had the best Sat night in quite a while just with a really good friend of mine and catching up with a few people. We went to his local bar which has a swanky upstairs place called Soda Bar and spent the entire night there. On Sun morn I pampered myself, coloured my hair, walked to meet Juicy for a yummy brunch up the road form her and down the road from me! Then went to the Huge tea, met some friends after, met some people later for dinner, watched a band for a bit (he was amazing and the place was incredible - but I was starting to slow down), stopped at a great place for coffee and finally got home!
So today am feeling a little tired and my head is spinning from all the shop stuff and family stuff and friend stuff and cramming so much in so little time!
Hemingway was completely annoying this morning - I have been so busy since June or so - that he hardly gets to play and certainly let me know this morning that he isn't very happy with the lack of attention! I am beginning to feel that with all this busyness I am also feeling the lack of attention and I am flitting from one thing to another! Then as soon as I get a bit of a breather and someone actually stops and listens to me; I try to sabotage it! I think it's all too much at the moment, the shop needs my utmost attention and creative imput and buying power 100% all the time and everything else in my life seems to be falling further behind. Sometimes I feel that I am single and I can't find someone who 'gets' me and if/when I do; I just act strange and otherwise and freak out!
:) I hate that since I made a huge decision to change, I have become aware of every single thing. I know exactly what I am doing, what affects my moods, what food I should/shouldn't be eating so I think I use the self preservation, self sabotage as some sort of hinderance to all the changes and the fear that comes with it! I think if anyone had to ask (please do!) if it's worth it, YES! It all is, all the awareness and unearthed fears and realisation... all of it is making me stronger and also showing me that I do have a side that needs attention and cuddles and to be vulnerable!
I just hope that it does not affect the people I most care about!
I have just finished playing with a little girl - she has great taste - she loved my mobile and read a truck book to a little boy. I am going to have lunch soon, look at some things and choose a book to read later...

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! How Fun!!!
    I like the sound of that book - how funny that we were just talking about it! I'd love to read it.