Wednesday, August 23

back to work!

I took the day off yesterday to show a friend who was leaving Sydney, around Sydney. We went to parks and beaches and Watson's Bay and it was just the most incredible day! I thought it would be quiet around and that people would be at work but no! There were a lot of tour buses, tourists, OAPS! and yummy mummies - I don't feel too bad having a day off!
I came in the shop this morn and in my abscence Pops had moved shelves of books around and expanded some and condensed others... so the shop has changed around and now I can buy books in the blank spaces and fill it up again! It's so nice to have a change and thanks Pops!
I finished reading Jane Green's Life Swap - it was such an easy read, pleasant but predictable but I liked how it looked at unhappiness with self and that the only person who can sort that out is the person themselves!
I have now started reading BehindTheMoon which is about Aussie culture and history through the friendship of three kids! It is really really good and insightful into the cultural differences between Asians and other immigrants and Aussies as well as how Aussies take to other races and cultures. It also looks at refuges and gays so I find the book very relevant and quite revealing about Australia. I have been talking a lot about Australia and why I love and live here - more technically Sydney because I haven't seen much of Oz yet! I have always been torn between here and South Africa and I realised yesterday that I would move to Cape Town in a beat! I have always loved the culture, the kids and the music and I miss that! But I also feel that living in Sydney through my formative years has shaped me and I have found a place, a sense of belonging and self. I really identify with this book!
Today I am going to list all the categories i need to buy, like True Crime and travel, sci fi, fiction and crime so i can increase and decrease shelves over the next week or so! I am going to finish my e marketing and send it out on Mon, finish my tea and decide what else needs to be done...


  1. Nice to have a day off - what's an OAP?
    I'd move to CT in a second too - maybe I'll see you there!! What an amazing place. But so is Sydney - you're lucky to have lived in all these amazing places - some people never even leave the place they were born in - can't imagine it!

  2. OAP - old aged person, I thought it was something they say in the UK as well?