Thursday, August 24


Since I have taken over the book shop and made it my own, I realise that I have a few gripes that I am going to clear up on here :)

1) people not knowing the difference between a new book shop and a second hand book shop! They are not going to find a specific book or a recently published book; they should be encouraged to peruse the shelves and find something to read that will stimulate and surprise them.

2) I have a $1 box full of books outside the shop and people still ask if the books are REALLY $1!

3) same goes for all the 50% off, $2 and $5 books and specials in the shop!

4) people ask for the price of a book without attempting to look for the price! sigh. They are all written in pencil inside or with a sticker on the rhs front!

I had so many gripes and can't think of all the things that I have come up with which really frustrate me! I really struggle with answering the same questions, people asking for a book which has just come out, wanting to read something really topical or popular or in the news and not realising that they are the hardest to get!
In some ways my customers make me feel incompetent and I also feel that no matter how much I do and try to get great books in at great prices and constantly keep up with the bestsellers, movies etc that there is no pleasing every single person.
It's funny because over this time I am learning that the learning never ends.
I don't know all the books and authors (nor ever will!) I can only try and try and try until I find some sort of point of difference that will attract all of you in! :)
I love having regulars and people who come in to visit, that always confirms for me that I am pleasing someone! And I have been lucky enough to make two friends just from coming in to the shop and connecting with them! They are both incredible! :)
I looked after a puppy that the pet shop had for quite a while and loved him and yesterday his owner who I get on brilliantly with, bought him in to visit!

Yesterday one of the girls I have become quite close to bought in her son to visit, actually he dragged her in and that just makes me feel like I had found some value and worth in this area and shop!
So today I have done the banking and paid my salary (aaahhh the joys of being manager and boss and owner all rolled into one!) I bought a pile of books, priced them and popped them into the window! I swept the shop, ate a large pretzel thingy, had a coffee and responded to email invitations!
I have been invited to two dinners and had some friends invite me for weekend plans! I am going for dinner at a new good friend I have made tonight! And last night I had a lovely post dinner coffee and long conversation with another friend! So it's all work and balance and friendships! :)
The shop needs some marketing and changes and more books so all of that needs work today! I am planning on going on a big buying thing this weekend so when the email campaign goes out, we have books at the ready!
I am going to get a shelf full of cards and get hip funky cards in and concentrate on children's stuff - so any suggestions please?!
I am still reading Behind the Moon - it's really excellent! and also have become into looking at the Forbes website and have started doing all their business stuff, looking at trends, marketing, entrepeneurs and taking their slide shows and advice. I think I have a long long way to go. I also went to a friend's farewell's party on Tues night and one of us his friends mentioned something. She said that some people who are great business men really find value in nuggets of wisdom. And if they make changes it affects the rest of their team, company etc. Not her exact words, but I think I can gain knowledge from other business people and make it my own. I do believe that every change affects other changes and that I still have a long long way to go in changing myself!

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  1. Don't worry E - you can never please everybody, there's always somebody who's going to complain no matter what you do!! So just try to ignore them!
    Think of all those who love what you do, and come in just for a visit - that's amazing, and bound to put a smile on your face!
    Have fun with all your plans - little social butterfly! xxxx