Wednesday, July 12

tea, kids, more books and exercise!

Last night I managed to do 19 minutes of the 20 minute workout! The last minute involved some pilates movement which referred to a seal and rolling back and forwards on the mat while holding your feet and tapping them together - so I happily skipped that one!
I have been drinking tea and coffee today thanks to my friend who is up here and bought me some coffee and have just been reading to some kids!
I found a book on public relations so I can improve my marketing and promoting skills - that's this weeks' task and have spoken to a few more people and organisers about Christmas in July!
I got in a whole lot of history books yesterday which I have just priced and shelved - the shop is looking great because the books look virtually new and the shop iteself looks full and fresh and welcoming, the oranges and lemons are atill in the vase and there are only two boxes to go!
After I did some exercise (yay!) I made soft boiled eggs and toast with pesto and low fat cheese and read WelcomeToMyPlanet which is a great book about a woman nearing 30 who just goes through all the stuff we all go through, but is so sharp and observant about her failings and her desires as well as her connection to her family!
Towards the end of the book, I reached this on page 248:

"I feel lonely, I say and I really begin to sob. I'm lonely.
The counselor pats me on the hand and then squeezes my fingers. "Good for you" she says. "You've finally realized you're lonely."
And in that brief moment, that small moment of contact, I am not.

That was a bit uncanny, having that moment myself the day before and also people who have commented on how it hits all of us, single or not who feel disconnected and also obligated. We all get it and try to stay busy and away from those feelings; but I think it's haelthier to just say you are lonely and recognise it in each other. All I want is moments of contact!
I also have met someone who can help me exercise and improve my diabetes and he is doing this week's LEAD session tommorrow night.DrAdamFraser is this young spunky guy with a PHD looking at how exercise, diet etc can change our lives and has a glucose programme - so I think this will help me! He did a presentation at the last networking thingy I went to and is speaking again, so this is a good sign. He is even located 15 mins from me and frankly I need all the help I can get to exercise and get healthier!
Just watched my friend's sleeping baby and read to another baby and about to start looking at Public Relations...

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