Thursday, July 13

the 13th!

The 13th has always been my lucky day! And funnily enough it has been! I went to buy some shop supplies and everything I wanted was available or on sale! I met an artist (to display work in my shop) and two very talented boys (12 and 13) and at The Conservatorium (sp!) who agreed to be buskers for the day! All of them are locals and that is what we are trying to support!
Then I bought Christmas decorations, spray paint, sweets and some essence for my burners, one is called Noel which smells like Christmas and two candles with that clove/cinnamon fruity flavour...
I felt very lucky because in less than two hours, I have found everything I needed...
So today has been a very productive day! I am studying public relations and other women's ideas into how they became successful at what they do!
I have booked in for another networking event for August! I have put out all the books, redecorated the window and listed all the areas that we need to stock up on when we go to a big fair this weekend!
I have spoken to the media about putting Christmas in July on their What's On sections and have had several interestingsales! I have been discussing young adult books with a dad while the son was telling me what he likes and doesn't like and been talking about psychology, crime fiction and war books with other customers!
And I have been looking for inspiration via these young businesswomen PanteneAwards
Tonight I am going to my business session and have had such a productive day!

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