Monday, July 3


I have decided that it's time to add exercise to my change everything about myself this year list! I was completely and utterly run down over the weekend and ended up staying in and watching dvds - I watched some really good ones, Keeping Mum, School for Seduction, Seducing Dr Lewis (French) and Between Me and You... I also went grocery shopping for the first time in months, conditioned my hair, scrubbed and pampered myself, spent time with Hemingway ( which really translates as him lying next to me purring and eating chicken together!), ate pizza, went for a walk and still felt tired! So it's time for exercise! Any suggestions? I was thinking of going up the road to run on the treadmill and do a boxing class later this week!
I bought some yummy essence for the shop called Heaven and had a very productive grocery shop this weekend...The Health Emporium which was a very expensive shop but I got stuff I really like and need like yoghurt, yoghurt cheese balls, unhomogenised milk, cheese, cereal and special cereal topping, special buttermilk bread, olives and some green stuff!
I have just bought some bright yellow gerbras, swept, put some books in the window, ate a fruit salad and taken my multi vitamin am drinking coffee and am about to choose some travel books to review :)
It's cold out but a gorgeous day and there are a lot of pregnant women and mothers with their kids wandering about... Funnily enough they are all asking for pregnancy books especially What to expect when you're expecting and baby name books!
My fave song is playing on the radio and I am determined to find out what it's called... result! I just called the radio station and asked them! Sunchyme by Dario G! Bliss


  1. I spent a little time reading on your blog and I have to admit that it has quite a freshness to it. You certainly seem to go shopping often. Spend some more time reading. (I didn't come across this yet -- what is your most beloved type of fiction?

  2. I do? Mainly for uplifting shop stuff though...
    I think my most favourite is hitorical fiction, Phillipa Gregory or clever chick lit like Anna Maxted or something real about travel or men or jobs - a memoir from a funky young thing!

  3. If you're going to exercise, my advice is to do stuff that won't get too boring after a while, so start with your treadmill and boxing class idea, but mix it up a little. Also, doing stuff that allows you to read (exercise bike and cross-training machines) is always a plus to help stave off boredom.

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  6. ebbye to do more reading? ha! That's funny. She goes through books like they're going out of style.