Saturday, July 1

fave places...

Last night I had to go to one of my fave places after work! It was raining and miserable out and I realised I just wanted to curl up and relax in a place where I felt so at home, knew the staff, loved the food and atmosphere and just felt comfy! I ended up in Bunga Bar eating their Bunga Salad with my own additions of chicken and pear pieces into a yummy boccoccini (sp!), walnuts, mixed leaves, spinach, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and toasted rye bread - mmmm!
It's Saturday and sunny and I just want to be out there with all the trendy people wandering up and down the road, buying their newspapers, sunning in the cafe, playing happy families/couples and doing their exercise.
One of my friends bought in a huge artwork last night called The Enchanted Garden in beatiful green and it's minimalism lots of lines and mixes of greens on a white canvas! It doesn't sound great on here but it is beautiful and has a good feeling to it, I cannot wait to hang it up and sell it!
So she is my first and hopefully in the next two weeks, my walls will have art on them and my corners will have paintings on easels!
I have found a book to give to my friends called feelgood I really couldn't believe how much this woman has written and I love some of the ideas in this book! Some are simple like to add/wear certain colours in your life, knit, go to a hairdresser and then others are harder and require food changes, attitute changes, work stuff - it's really great!
Today seems to be a children's and classics literature day today! I have sold some Charles Dickens, George Eliot and Sir Walter Scott , a fairy and a horrible book! Look at it!
More people are looking at the children's books and someone seems to be just sitting on a stool near the art section and staring...
There is a gorgeous man here with his gorgeous girlfriend both wearing green - hmmm and I have some reviews I better start on...

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  1. Oh I love boccoccini! It's one of my faves. I am yet to find it here in Cambs. Send me some over!