Tuesday, July 4

carrot juice, a new book and a shop event

I had the most unusual day yesterday! A pigeon flew into my shop and panicked when it couldn't get out. It started knocking the painted bottles over and the books in the display. Luckily I have some blankets and cloths in the back, just held him gently, picked it up and let it go! It impressed the customer in herel That wasn't the only unusual thing that happened yesterday but for the sake of my readers thinking I am slightly sane, I won't go into the rest!
So far today, I have been to the bank and the post office (which moved!), paid the shop's rent, am drinking carrot juice (bright bright orange!) - I used to think it was disgusting but quite like it now! It poured with rain last night and today but still went to my fave $10 steak place last night and I love driving in the rain! I watched Desperate Housewives and Grey's and even thought about exercising! Isn't that supposed to work?!
This morning all the shops are still trying to promote the Christmas in July event, I have contacted people to pop it on various websites and in the paper on the Sat or Fri - but it's a long process. And possibly because we are a small virtually unknown shopping strip - we'll just have to show them!
We are also waiting on our trees so we can pop them outside our shops, it is so freezing so it's a great time to have this!
I am about to start reading a book I bought at Borders, months ago, for all you people who think I have a bit of a shopping habit! May I point out, all the flowers, essences, candles etc have all been for the shop!
Anyway it's called TheShanghaiUnionofIndustrialMystics - it looks like a lot of fun and apparently he writes a Feng Shui mystery series and has been compared to Alexander McCall Smith and Carl Hiaasen. Apparently he lives in Hong Kong, Grace and he has written 8books!
I can't wait to get started!