Wednesday, July 26

Pops just sent me this link to my birthplace Johannesburg and what it's centre looks like now. DeathofJohannesburg - it's very sad to see it like this especially Rocky Street when I used to go with my friend for dinners and milkshakes and to the flea markets on weekends. It's actually hard to imagine how funky and trendy and full of life it was, when you look at these pictures! But please do, because people need to see how bad it is over here, the poverty and the devastation and the crime. There all also pics of mattresses on the streets because people leave them in the day and sleep on them at night. I didn't ever live in the middle of Jozi/Joburg but this is where I was born and it scares me!
My dad took pics of the shop yesterday for the coupon ad and one of my friends who is an advertising exec just happened to be there and it was like an advertising shoot; we managed about 20 or so pics of me all over the shop looking at, reading and holding books!
I went to meet Narcheska's sis last night for $5 steak (actually I had the $10 steak) at the Lansdowne, it was wonderful catching up with Sister and realising that the love of Narcheska bought us together and closer and of course we talked about you!
In fact two other people joined us and we talked about work and love and men and flatmates and it is so wonderful connecting new friends to old! It made me decide to organise Sunday lunches every 6 weeks or so for new and old friends to lunch together and have just sent out the invites to everyone! I find it hard to catch up with everyone and want to feel close to people and have them in my life, but also want to relax, meet new people and have a lovely day of it - so this seemed like a great idea!
I got this all from my marketing and business tips that I have been reading up on and have been reading that if you want something, be proactive and go out and get it, I also feel that bringing people together makes us all happy and part of something and my friends are so important to me - so why not?!
The ad is slowly coming together for Friday, I am reading and loving The Constant Princess and need coffee! I am also waiting for my mobile phone (big problems with old one - so have been promised a spanking new one - it should be delivered soon!)
It's a grey Wednesday and mid morning already and so far have had 4 people in wanting to sell books, but no one wanting to buy! So these invites have helped lift the mood and my advert is coming along nicely...

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