Thursday, July 27


As you can see I have been very busy until now, so am having a late coffee and sitting for the first time today! Pops looks after the shop for me on Thurs and I either do shop stuff, read, do errands I need to do and then come in at 12ish! Well today I bought books and cards, went to spy on a few shops, went to a bagel place to pick up lunch for dad and I and then came to work!
I then priced all the cards and books and shelved them and spent the next hour or so writing copy, selecting photos and thinking of discounts for the coupon which is due tommorrow but I just wanted to get it out the way today! It took a few hours to write and put together and choose the most decent pics of me and to save it to CD! It feels so good to have that out of the way! Then I went to hand it in, speak to some other shop owners and returned here to start on the next thing on my list!
When I was walking around I got stopped by people or greeted or people shouted hello and I feel like a celebrity! Clearly something is working in this area because we are becoming more than a team of shops working to build up this road, we are starting to really like each other and value each others' feedback!
So the next thing is dinners in the local pub once a month so all the shop owners can get together and drink/gossip but also talk about what we feel and want and plan for while we are alone in our shops! The invite is about to go out and we will start these dinners!
I have a mag to read for a bit, invites to go out, a coffee to drink and tonight is the last LEAD session, so an after party to attend! I can't wait I have made one or two friends and actually went to have dinner with the couple last night! We got along brilliantly and had the best dinner, so here's to new friends and experiences! That is another reason why I did the ad today; I didn't want to worry about it tonight and I wanted to enjoy the after party!

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