Tuesday, July 25

at last!

I started reading Philippa Gregory's The Constant Princess last night and I am just so into it, I read in the bath and can't seem to put it down! I love how she writes! And I love how her characters who are usually very strong women combine history and their love lives in such an incredible way, they struggle through wars and lovers and being beautiful in the eyes of a court and in this case Catalina/Katherine, who was the Spanish Infanta and became the Princess of Wales, well she had to rule a kingdom and lose the love of her life...
I watched Grey's last night and wasn't as moved as all the other times, it didn't leave me with any real questions, I know I know it's just a TV programme! But usually I get something out of it!
I had an incredile day yesterday at work, two customers bought a fortune's worth of books and really made my day! One of them sat with her mother for ages in the Art section and they just loved going through the books and discovering/finding something quirky and unusual. We all chatted for a bit while they looked through the shop and that's what I love about this bookshop the most, people who love books and want to spend time here and are willing to try interesting books wwithout having a specific book in mind!
I have just received about 15 free books from one of the regulars, a tall beautiful woman with two really sweet kids, they are Enid Blyton's and Pony Tails and a book of fairy tales and are about to be priced and popped in the Young Adults section! Done!
So today I have to think of an advert! And maybe move some more things around the shop, I have a HUGE painting blocking the window, which I want to move as I can't see outside and need some more light in here!
But for now I am drinking coffee, looking at business tips and hints, reading a book and thinking about the wording of the ad...

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