Friday, July 14

morning coffee, late night and historical fiction...

After Dr Adam Fraser's business session last night, I went to Mocean in Bondi and ended up meeting all sorts of people who either were interested in my business or wanted to help me out i n some way! I had such fun because I walked in and happened upon an English guy telling his married friend with two little girls that it was like he was out with someone who had made a discovery and had been enlightened just because he had had children. He spoke in a deep Northern accent and he was really funny and entertaining! Then I met some musicians and artists - I seem to be really attracting artists since I decided I wanted to display work and it was really fun to change my routine a bit rather than going straight home!
As my friends probably know I always meet and make friends with women, and last night I met another two who were energetic and chatty and we three ended up talking and gossiping and laughing making the poor artist who was sitting with us - feel a bit left out! What is it about men who hate it when new friends get along with old friends of his and he gets jelous?!
I read an article called BrainExercise which is all about how to keep your brain ticking and one of the things it suggested is to change your routine! So I woke up this morning and met a friend for a coffee in Bondi, watched people and took a completely different route and time to work! I feel all bubbly this morning!
So today, I have really swept the shop,had my coffee, responded to all my emails and started setting aside times to prioritise ( something from my business session last night!) and sold a copy of Nick Hornby's Man and Boy...
I am just finishing off Ticket to Ride and starting Phillipa Gregory's Constant Princess - so it's alll gearing towards an excellent day!

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