Saturday, July 15

rain, rain, rain

It seems that I have no routine at the moment! I went out straight after work last night, first shopping with a friend at Myer and then to look at an artist's work and decide what size I wanted and what I wanted to hang in the shop. We ended up eating cheese, tuna and pesto melts and drinking a glass of wine while talking about art and colour and sitting on bean bags surrounded by plants, paints and turpentine. There were a few artists talking about work and technique and while I didn't fully understand , we then started discussing Hemingway and how he represented a great writer who actually never got the girl he fully loved (Agatha - the nurse!) We all talked about great artists, poets and writers who seemed to live alone and die alone and in some cases like Petrach and Laura, yearn after a women and write incredible love sonnets! We decided if Petrach had got Laura and if Hemingway had married Agatha - maybe their great works would have taken second priority over love and marriage and babies and having all the stuff that would have prevented them from painting/writing - like children pestering them! But we also decided that times have changed and now maybe a writer, or poet or artist can have a great love and their work because maybe the roles are not as black and white anymore and they can find inspiration and support rather than living alone, starving, loving someone and going a bit mad!
It has been raining since last night, so I didn't carry any art back to the shop and it is a quiet quiet day! I have had a lot of people coming in and asking for spiritual books and spent a good half an hour talking about Phillipa Greagory and her book about Lord Dudley and Queen Elizabeth called The Virgin's Lover.
I love the rain and the calm in the air but there are no people wandering about and it is so quiet and peaceful that I just want to go to sleep...
I bought a whole lots of books today which I have just put out and added about five more to my I must read this pile! One of them is this! It sounds like a really intriguing look at race and culture in Australia! They all meet each others' families at the Dead Diana Dinner on the 6th September 1997! I am still finishing two books - but this is next!
I am playing a chill out CD in the shop and the song that is playing now is Japanese influenced so very chilled and has a really nice flutey beat!
So it's rain, rain, raining all day and it looks like for the rest of the weekend! I am definitely going to the BBQ and seafood buffet with friends tommorrow night as well as a family lunch tommorrow and might go to a party later tonight! I say might because I usually just curl up on Saturdays after work ready to sleep!
Now funnily enough the shop is full because it really smells lovely and is warm and cosy in here, really nice for a day like this!

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