Friday, July 7

last night...

I strated the LEAD course last night which stands for Leadership, Enrichment and Development programme which turned out to be about 40 people mostly women in a great training room! We all got pens, notepads, folders, water and sweets for during the training and a buffet on a table outside with healthy wraps, chips and cakes for a feeding frenzy! We started with networking, a 2 hour class/ live session/ whatever with someone who started their own networking company and you know when you come home feeling like you learnt something, met one or two potential friends, felt satiated and motivated - well I did!
I think what inspires me more and more is how many proffessional women there are out there, and specifically in my shopping strip, all of the women are business owners and everyone has certain skills and talents that they bring with them. Last night, I listened and watched women who had skills across the range, from design to public relations to psychology to corporate and we were all wondering why we don't rule the world! We certainly have the necessary ability!
When I got in this morning, I swept and had a very successful baby book club - 2 boys stayed for the hour and had about 8/9 books read to them! They also got to meet my morning dog who ran in to get his treat and nearly sat on the baby ,wagging his tail! I love how generally happy babies can be; here is a dog practically sitting on him and he is laughing away watching Horatio's tail moving from side to side!
I am in the middle of reading Ticket To Ride which is mainly Sarah's struggle with winning a green card but not sure if her relationship will withstand such a long seperation, am drinking a chai latte from a sachet (thanks Pops!) and planning the salad I am making for my sister's dinner later!

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  1. great question: "and we were all wondering why we don't rule the world"