Saturday, July 8

all day!

I have spent the entire day and an hour last night, buying books from a local collector and today at a HUGE book fair! This is my favourite part of being a book shop owner, I love digging through piles of books and unearthing all sorts of bestsellers, science books, books I have never heard of and books with incredibly catchy titles! I popped one called A Chocolate A Day Keeps The Doctor Away in the window and a set containing a French dictionary with tapes with a sign saying - Quick Learn French by Sunday! and an Idiot's Guide to Tennis...
So for the rest of the afternoon, I am looking through all these books and thinking about what they mean for other people. Most of them are something to learn like a set of Collins Gems - tiny books on all sorts like Collecting China, Fossils, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Whales and Chess amongst many others and others are pure indulgence!
On the way back from Sutherland Pops and I stopped at this great place Fix for steak sandwhiches and made our way back!
So now I am surrounded by about 4 large boxes of books, spilling onto the floor, with science titles mingling with cookbooks and tiny books on top of a Pictorial Guide To Sydney...
It gives me such pleasure and after they are cleaned and priced, I cannot wait for people to find homes for them!
It's Saturday which means I have my day off tommorrow! I am going to a wedding - pretty much all day and then am going to a Seafood Restaurant in Bondi called Nicks for an $18 all you can eat BBQ (mmm - steak!) and seafood buffet! Ok I admit a bit silly after an all day wedding - but I couldn't resist!
I am going to hear Juicy sing on the way home and I think I'll just stay in tonight and relax before another big week next week of birthday dinners, a dating thing and my business course! Oh and someone left those pilates DVDs on my door so I better try them after I eat all the food!


  1. It would be great to see photos of your book shop if you have any. I am picturing it a certain way but I'd like to know if I am right or wrong.

  2. Sure OB! I will get someone to help post up some after the Christmas in July event! :)