Thursday, July 6

8 or so months later...

For those of you who actually know me; I have something to celebrate this morning! It's been over 8 months since I had a shocking driving experience and had to change everything, so something like that would NEVER happen again! Well it has been a while and this is the first time I have forgotten to eat breakfast and my body which is now healthy gave me the screaming hunger signs that it wanted me to cram something into my mouth NOW! I feel so happy today because I am finally healthy and my body is giving me the normal signs and I am thin, my skin and hair are glowing and I look and feel better than I ever have. So it's definitely something to celebrate!
And because it was all so wonderful, I went to a music store to use my music voucher and found a second hand CD of my fave song at the moment Sunchyme by Dario G and also bought an African beats CD (3 CDs in 1 actually!) all for under $30.
Then deciding my luck was in, I went to another place and found a copy of Phillipa Gregory's the Constant Princess for $12! bookreview!
Would you all agree that I should get Powerball and Lotto tickets today!?
I just got into work after doing my morning errands which was cleaning the balcony, doing the washing and dishwashing and giving Hemingway a bath before I went to renew my license and come to work!
Amazingly enough Hemingway managed to leap at my stomach while I was bathing him and I have the two oddest scratches across my abdomen! I am exclaiming because I was wearing a t shirt so his claws are a bit long! He hates baths but loves cleaning himself and lying in the sun after and the smell of the shampoo so don't feel sorry for him!
I have just started Sarah Darmody's TickettoRide which is all about how Sarah wins a Green Card and travels around America. I am really into my travel biographies at the moment.
The shop has been doing really well over the past month and the art, smells and flowers seem to help! I went to an art prize function at the local arts centre last night and met some artists and handed out my card to potential displayers on my walls. I got a glass of wine and looked at the three rooms full of art and loved some, hated others and had a really good 2 hours! I also got the manager of the centre to put signs up on the wall for me, saying that I wanted to display peoples' work so it was a very productive evening! I fell in love with an oil painting called Forest Mandala which was a huge painting of a forest centre with curling branches, bits of light and all different green leaves and plants. I voted for it in the viwers' choice awards and I just love how you feel like you are walking through that forest, smelling the air and feeling the coolness on your skin! Sigh.
So far I have only had people wanting to sell books not buy them! It looks like another travel and foreign dictionary day though...

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  1. what driving experience?

    always the last to know, me..

    haha lol

    BTW if you are into books:

    I just walked into a bookstore in wimbledon(where i live) and bought martina navratalova's book "shape your self"

    Havent read it all but seems good!

    Yes, i bought a book, about a wimbledon player, in wimbledon, during the wimbledon tennis tournament 2 weeks..