Friday, July 21

Hot Aunty!

Looks like I am now a hot aunty! and a hot librarian so it's a great morning this morn!
I was sick off work yesterday but ended up getting more sick by helping a sick and hurt friend and didn't get any sleep and just got more stressed out and moody then usual!
But now that I am a gorgeous aunt to a gorgeous niece who I cannot wait to have loads of fun with, dressing her, reading to her, taking her out, cuddling her, being the cool aunt.... well it made my day! I am so happy for my family! :)
I think all this organising and buying and worrying has taken its toll and while I can't wait for tommorrow I also can't wait for it to be over and I'll just put myself to bed!
It's like a dress rehearsal and now everything is coming together!
We have Santa organised, cordial and cookies ready to be made and handed out, the table full of $1 books is ready to go outside and the shop is full of books, my friend Jode and I did a lot of them on Tues, Mops and Pops did the last bit yesterday and there is art and photography up on the walls from 4 people so far! I rearranged the shop on Wed to display the art and it looks lovely, there seems to be more open spaces in the shop and while the shelves look full, the whole place looks a little different and more colourful and vibey!
So Christmas in July is tommorrow and am hoping to get someone to take pics so you can all see what I have been prattling on and on about!
Here's to my sis for having a baby girl,
to my friend who is at my house recovering from a motorbike accident (nothing broken just bruises and cuts and lots of pain),
to Mops and Pops for giving me some rest time and helping with some of the little things the shop needed
and I want you all to keep your fingers crossed for a big big and successful day!


  1. With all these preparations I'm sure it will go amazingly! Good luck and whatnot and I can't wait to read all about it!

  2. I hope your day went well! Did you take photos? Post them ebbye!