Wednesday, July 19

better! It's raining and have hundreds of books...

So after reading the post again, yesterday was a bad day! I had all these books to put out and shop stuff to do and to make an effort get ready for this Sat and I found myself running around looking for a Santa most of the day!
I was very angry and miserable when I wrote the post so it's good what a good night's sleep can do and a morning hug during a meeting this morning as well as some coffee and toast!
My window is decorated and the books are slowly slowly been sorted through, there are a lot of older ones for the $1 table and there are a lot more to put out! It's a big job but I have some fantastic books to get out and through and the shop looks full and will be full and bright by Sat with candles, a metal Santa at the door and the smell of Christmas.
I watched Grey's Anatomy on Mon night and this programme is becoming my next firm favourite, this time it was about believing and the power that believing in something has. Some of the doctors based all their work and hopes on science; the hard cold scientific fact that people die or live and that's it! But other doctors based it on believing that there was something out there, whether it was a boy who wanted his heart and had the actual desire to live or just believing in Christmas or helping someone - thus rendering the person who believed in both the science and the spiritual aspect more powerful! I know it sounds crazy but I think the script is exceptional and feel that Grey's is a cheesy way of looking at what we want out of situations rather than just what we get!
As you can gather, I am very tired from all the organising and book buying and effort that I have been putting into this thing! I have taken a berocca and a multi vitamin and after work today and sorting out as much as I can here, I am going to visit a friend and then get some much needed rest!
At the moment I am looking at all the cat and dog books, paged through a Don't Sweat The Small Stuff for teens and need to put on some classics before I finish off the next three boxes at the back! I'm getting there, it's raining and snowing in my window and it's so miserable out there that frankly thhis is a good thing to be doing...

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