Monday, July 24

as soon as...

Christmas in July on Saturday was a lot of fun, we had a band, a choir, some buskers, free food from a variety of shops and lots of enthusiasm! I have pictures but need to get someone to help me post them up and on and then you can all see, well the one or two that Pops took on the day!It was non stop all day with lots of people, I dressed as a pseudo Santa in the morning and an afternoon Santa took over, there was a sausage sizzle and tables heaving with yummy food and clothes and goodies outside certain shops! It was a lovely, busy, happy and great day! And worth all the effort and chaos!
Is it possible to be this tired? I had a friend staying til this morn and have a cold I haven't been able to throw and am thinking of my sis and her little baby girl and I went out Sat (to a party at a really nice pub - it was ok!) and ended up at an incredible party on Sunday afternoon. It was thrown by a bunch of people who all live in 6 apartments and have a garden/garage/ barbeque area downstairs. They are all close and cook together and mix friends and there were people from all over, we made fires and ate hotdogs and roasted marshmellows and it was the perfect afternoon, for the weeks I have been having lately! I felt I wasn't even in Sydney anymore!
I love fires and meeting new people from everywhere! Mexico, Italy, France, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Ireland, Spain... to name a few it was like being at the World Cup! :)
So today, I have a table full of cheap books, some left over candles burning and will have to start on my direct mail advertising that a few shops and mine are doing to hand out a coupon voucher book called Shopping/Entertainment to get more people to the area! So lots of work to do for it before Friday! I need to think of an advert, design, discounts, special offers and 'the look' of the thing! It should be a lot of fun!
It's quiet today, it's a bit grey and miserable... I am seeing Juicy later and plan to go on a treadmill this week, I have been eating non stop!
I am in the middle of reading a girly book called Spellbound, I love Jane Green and I needed something girly and something I can get into without thinking too much! Then again Jane Green actually delves into issues and this one is all about falling in love with someone and losing sense of identity and dealing/not dealing with infidelity. It's actually quite sad how innocent and controlled Alice is, just because she is completely in love with her husband and can't believe he chose her!
So am going to drink coffee and think of the coupons and enjoy the quiet...


  1. WOW! Glad the event was a success and can't wait to see pictures!

  2. It was really a lot of fun! Will try get them up! Thanks ;)