Wednesday, July 5


It seems like it has not stopped since the beginning of June! Ever since I decided that it was time for a big revamp/change for the better, it all seems to be happening at once! We have been meeting every fortnight to arrange our Christmas in July event, I have been networking and handing out prizes and have a 4 week business session starting this Thurs and now we are all nominating ourselves for business awards in August. There are shops opening and moving along the road and it just seems so busy but so slow if you know what I mean?
So I have just come from another shops' meeting for the event and posted adverts for it on three websites so come one, come all! gumtree, Sydney247 and SydneyFestivals! Although most people seem to think that working in a second hand bookshop has an element of romance to it, there is actually a lot of work to be done! And yes sometimes I DO just sit and read but there is always marketing and kids who want someone to read them a book or the window display to attend to...
I was so busy putting this event up on the websites that I haven't even started the Feng Shui detective book yet!
So far today I have had a woman buying a birthday present for a friend, she bought a copy of Seeing George which has the most amazing cover, I have had a man exclaiming that I don't have the brand new book he asked for, errrr it's a second hand book shop (you moron!) and I have a man looking through all the supernatural books, he has chosen a ghost book, a UFO book and a Whitley Strieber book! I read Whitley Strieber's Majestic a few years ago and I have never been so terrified while reading this! Majestic about the Roswell Incident - the book was said to be about a whole cover up which was all revealed later. I think I blocked most of it out, because I couldn't handle all the stuff that comes up while reading this!
Last night a friend of mine got locked out her house, so after I picked her up, I started telling her that I watched What's Good for You on Monday night which was all about wine and how it is recommended to drink a glass a day, because it gets rid of plaque in your arteries, reduces chances of getting a heart attack and has an ingredient called resveratrol wellwatchthis! He actually compares cask vs expensive wine, which contains varying amounts of antioxidants which makes you live longer and have a healthier life! So of course we had a glass and a half each!
Hmmm I am beginning to think if I carry on doing all the healthy stuff I need to do and do all the shop stuff and fit in exercise, friends, family and a break every now and then - I am going to become completely mad!

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