Friday, June 30

definitely a slipper day!

I got a pair of funky lace up cream boot slippers from Kmart just before I went away to the Hunter Valley and they have become firm friends! I love them and they are so warm! Today is a slipper/boot day, it's freezing and greay and miserable :)
I went to this network thing in the city and loved the actual place. It was in the AmericanClub in the city and had glass windows with a view of Paddington and Kings Cross and William Street on one side and stretched out to the Northern suburbs on the other - beautiful! and had a huge telescope where an American girl and I did a bit of spying! The actual networking was in the bar area and was too crowded and squashy before we were led upstairs for a couple of business people giving talks. There were way too many finance guys, IT guys and pinstripe suits for me anyway... I did meet a few writers and artists and got exactly what I needed, someone to potentially display their work and someone to do a book launch! :) I also had one of the nicest champagne cocktails and delicious finger food so it turned out to be an excellent evening! Oh the person who got my book prize, hates crime fiction because it scares her! Lol!
I have just been reading fairy books and animal books to two very blonde gorgeous kids, went to beg a coffee shop to join in the Christmas in July, bought candles for the essence, said hello to all the morning locals and am getting ready to review books, write the column and link films to book reviews for a film website!
This weekend I am going to a hens night at an incredible venue and a friend's 30th, tonight am going out in the city (I am such a lazy local!) and am preparing a review for an advert i want to put out!
It's starting to rain... am so glad i have my coffee and slippers!

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  1. YOur network meeting sounds cool. What was in the champagne cocktail? and did you wear your slippers?!