Monday, July 10

Bring Sunday back!

This year is going too fast! It's July and it feels like the year should have only just begun! I spent the whole day at a wedding yesterday and although it was a fantastic day, I want my Sunday back!!!
The actual wedding was in the North in St Ives but the reeption was at the Watersedge Restaurant in Circular Quay with glass buildings and surrounded by the harbour. It was just incredible to stand on the terraces or whatever they are called and look at the water, the ships, the bridge (so close you could touch it!) and I just wanted to move in and design a glass warehouse and wake up to this!
So far this morning I have had three people in trying to sell me bags of books and I have had people wanted to buy more travel books!
I have about 3 large boxes of books to get through and I am looking through a career book called something a bit different - a practical and inspirational guide to an interesting career - it has all cool jobs like animators, winemakercomposer,newsreader and the one I liked the most and I think Grace would love it, is Food Stylist! A food stylist is someone who shops for the food, writes the recipes, sources all the props like the plates, cutlery, table cloth (all the layout for the actual food display/photo) and cooks the food/opens the tins/takes the cooked meal/whatever the advert is for and styles it for magazines, shops, food packets, book covers/ pages of books, supermarkets - anything requiring pics of delightful food! Now that's what I'd call an interesting job, incorporating talent, colour, innovation and your own cooking and styling and take on the look and the actual food - and I know someone perfect for it! I would love to - but need to learn the basics first!
I have just finished selling some kids books and am drinking my large coffee before I tackle the pile! Soon it will be Sunday again...

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  1. We've all suggested food related careers to Grace before, and she never seems to bite.

    Meanwhile, if Grace does do it, I know who to get to take the actual photos once the food is styled! My ex-flatmate Kim who went to Queensland to study photography --> Coolblue Photography.