Tuesday, July 18

the hardest part!

Another Coldplay video! The hardest part!
And that is exactly how my day is feeling! We have no Santa - he decided to do stuff for his business instead - fair enough - no one seems to care about the event one way or the other as long as their shops make money! It doesn't sound very together does it?
So apart from decorating my window with cotton wool and silver spray paint for snow (fun - but looks like cotton wool with spray paint! - lol), I have also been looking and asking around for a Santa and have watched the shops around me pull their who cares attitude!
I find that pretty sad and hope that my karma and my hard work will bring me much needed sales and publicity!
I have loads of books to put out still, but am so glad the decorations are up, my friend is bringing in photos for the shop and hopefully the artist will bring in the most colourful painting he has!
I am a bit angry/tired today and have a lot of my own work and shop to organise so am going to be in the back cleaning and pricing!

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