Monday, July 31


That's the name of the first song I heard this morning!
I have just printed out all the invitations for the shops who don't have email - so I can hand them out - Why on earth don't they have email? - it's so much easier to communicate and it means that I would not have to shut my shop to hand them out!
My sis returned some really great pregnancy books so they have to go out and I think I'll re arrange the photos and art in the shop because they are not selling!
So far I have sold a few classics and had a French speaking New Zealander in the shop for an hour, although young and good looking, I think he was bored and unemployed - not a good sign. He also owned two coffee shops which were shut down! All bad signs!
My weekend consisted of work and a party and helping out my freind Jess - sorry Mops and Pops - as I said before I am finding it hard to balance everything and see everyone. I hate cancelling on people though and having to choose! So more balance - blah being healthy gets so boring!
I actually had a great weekend, I have made friends with an important man in my life, whose flatmate had the party, who has now become a good friend and fun to be around. We had so many problems and then suddenly we became real friends with a real fondness for each other. It's hard to believe that almost 8 months ago, I decided to make changes in my life and the results have proved so positive!
Now I am catching up with friends, drinking coffee, and am about to start reading Middlesex byJeffreyEugenides and have just finished The Constant Princess. I am sorry Grace but compared to her other books especially The Other Boleyn Girl, I found myself skim reading because honestly it was a long and slow process! I get that Philippa Gregory was trying to show how Catalina the princess suffered as the betrothed Katherine until she became Queen but until she bacame Queen, I found it all a little long!
So onto the next book for my Challenge which finishes on the 31 Aug and then I will publish the entire list and reviews on here! So far so good...

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