Saturday, June 3

Sat, friend's birthday and feeling cold...

It's cold today and since Thursday, I haven't really felt like doing anything apart from hibernating and trying to stay warm. I really don't like the cold or rain and wish that I don't have to go out at all!
But out I am and I am wearing 5 layers, which I will slowly start taking off when I feel a bit warmer!
Today it's a good friend of mine's birthday, so we will be out celebrating later and are all going away next weekend in her honour! We are going to the Hunter Valley and are definitely going to do wine tours and I am going to find a fire or fireplace and spend as much time around it as possible.
After joining the reading challenge where I challenged myself to read three completely different books a week, I have read so far:
Eleven Minutes was an incredible book to read. I loved how Maria seemed so ordinary and confused but let fate choose for her and educated herself. She questioned what love is and also didn't try to justify her choices and embarked on her own personal journey. Eleven Minutes is a look at love and sex - I loved this and read this is a day and a half.
Then I picked up The Hidden Life of Dogs and loved how Elizabeth followed her roaming husky to see how he behaved socially, how he crossed roads and how he found his way home. She compares his roaming to wolves which she has observed and also writes about animals romantic love, conciousness and behaviour towards humans. It is so fascinating and a lot of it is through Elizabeth's own assumptions and discoveries - I want to read one like this about cats!
I will have to pick my third book soon!
Last night I went to my sis for dinner and my little sis who is here fom the UK made two yummy tarts with puff pastry, one with olive and camembert and the other with pumpkin and a different cheese, my older sis made salmon skewers and they were so delicious that I took one home for Hemmy and had some of it for breakfast on toast! mmm
So seeing that I started the day with brain food: I may as well use my brains and get all the business, self help and dog books out on the shelves. I am looking at a book which delves into the 16 Myers -Briggs personality types, but it's all a bit lengthy and complicated and not sure where I fit in. The blurb of this book explains why people are the way they are and what seems perfectly normal for one, is completely crazy for another! Interesting.
It's niceice being a hot librarian because I never know what is going to land on my desk; so that makes the reading challenge even more interesting. In fact there is a direct marketing book on the desk right now which I can put to good use...

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  1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Eleven Minutes. It's hovering near the top of my endless stack of books since the last Coehlo I read was a couple of years ago (The Valkyries, which I enjoyed).