Monday, June 5

Do you believe?

Over the weekend, I got two very different DVDs out. Constantine and Corpse Bride. It was so weird because I really hated Keanu Reeves in Constantine and have seen movies about heaven and hell and felt that it was the same same. He speaks so slowly and it drives me crazy!
But the weirdest thing is both movies question belief - in CorpseBride where the bride was wronged - she believes in love and marriage and in Constantine - they believe in half breeds, people who have angel or devil qualities and do stuff on earth before going back to where they are destined - heaven or hell. Constantine fights the demons who cannot enter the earth but sometimes get through...
There is a line in the movie and it gave me such clarity - Keanu Reeves aka Constantine says to Rachel Weisz (I love her!) "If you see them, they can see you, Understand?" And I was like that's it, it's about belief and seeing . My one friend can see so that means they can see her. And if we're talking about demons or the devil - then you could be in danger!
So that frightened me! I was creeped out!
And I loved Corpse Bride because I really do want to believe in love and possibilities beyond the grave and being freed from whatever is holding you back.
On Sat night I went out with a friend of mine and while we were dancing, I left my bag with a jacket over it under a table. When I checked back on it, someone cleaned out my wallet, took all my money and coins but left my cards, took a mobile phone I was using while mine is getting fixed and a lip gloss and a gorgeous black jumper - so annoying!
My sister who has been here all week left on Sun and through her I have been to an amazing restaurant called Barry's for a swanky meal and yesterday we went to Local for breakfast! I had a huge post being robbed big breakfast with salmon, spinach, 3 hash browns, two slices rye toast, poached eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes - mmmm it was perfect!
So today has been so far a day where I have done virtually nothing, I have put books out and priced them, swept as usual, had a few cutomers in, looked after my friend's two year old for a bit, drank coffee and waited for a courier. It is pouring with rain and the nicest bit about my day, is that someone left some great books outside my shop door this morning. It's great for my challenge to read three different books a week, because I have got SpyGirl on my desk to read which is about Amy becoming a private eye in New York - true story! It is the perfect book for this horrible rainy day...

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