Friday, June 2

The Perfect Potion and Harriet the Spy

Before I go into all that let me show you one of the best UK ads I have seen getoutthere! It made me laugh out loud!
My friend Grace mentioned Harriet the Spy in her blog, I got a classic edition of it in recently and can't wait to read it - to understand what Grace means about choosing to be a spy. It looks like a great book, all about an observant Harriet and her notebook, watching and writing down everything she comes across.
Yesterday in between getting my phone fixed and coming into work; I was referred to a shop in Westfield called perfectpotion and I fell completely in love with this shop. I bought some teas to try and also some body/face mud powder which I can mix into my own mud paste and use. I loved how everything smelt and probably felt incredible too! It's all natural stuff and they have all kinds of treatments, types, teas and I spent about 40 minutes in there, just taking it all in and trying something which I think was a double cream, chai and honey moisurising cream - mmmm!
Right today I have been to the bank, paid a bill and now have some cleaning in the back to do as well as a tea to try and a couple of reviews to write as well as my work!

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