Saturday, June 17

Poor Hemingway!

Having a psychotic cat is not easy but having a psychotic cat who suddenly has to accept that the food he was getting a little too used to, has changed forever! Hemmy was getting pretty heavy that when he slept on my side on my hip, my leg went into muscle cramp and it hurt the whole day! So now when I get back from work and give Hemmy his (yummy?!) dried food, he cries and then looks at me, like what did I do? But the guys at the pet shop said that I am spoiling him and he gets wet food once a week and has to eat whatever he is given - it's going to be a noisy few nights!
It's been quite a week for both of us, things are changing in the shop (I can feel it!), close friends are leaving, I am still taking tonics and vitamins and getting healthier and and I have had the most brilliant start to my morning!
A regular came in with three huge boxes of books and I ended up with loads of bestsellers and so many interesting ones which I have just finished cleaning and popping in the window! One of them really stood out zenoandthetortoise and the cover is great so looks good in the window. My first customer brought 8 books, most of which I had recommended to her and I haven't even had coffee yet! So far I have had two kids in buying a book for a present , a family of four with the obligatory son and younger daughter who all absolutely love books and have been in here for ages...
Now they have all bought some crime fiction and humour for a plane trip and their holidays, a lot of Tom Clancey and Nikki French (Nikki Gerrard writing with Sean French - very clever!), silly humour and some fiction. I made more now in an hour than I did all day yesterday...
Time for a coffee :)

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