Friday, June 16

It's up, it's up!

Finally! The shop's website is up and looks great, so come one and all, buy books and sign my guest book! I can sigh a HUGE sigh of relief because it's just in time for all the promotion, advertising and marketing I am doing for the shop and with the business cards I am getting eady for next Wed night - it feels good!
So click on my book shop link on this page and come have your say!
Last night I started reading It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken and love how the focus is on recognising your own potential and power despite loss or low self esteem or all the kinds of crazy stuff that happens when people break up. I haven't even had a recent break up, I just like the message of this book, see who you are, be a confident and desirable woman and find someone who loves you for you. These are the books girls should be reading and although deep deep down we do know it, it helps when you read something which drives the message that before anyone can see you, you need to see yourself and be'sownsite It also helps women (and men - but it's more likely a girl will read this!) recognise relationships that are negative and wrong and helps people move onto something which gives them worth and value.
Sadly enough I haven't finished two or three of the books I have been reviewing, so am a bit behind in my reading challenge! I have just found one called Sellevision which looks a bit dark and unusual about people and their lives and a television network! Hmmm
Last night I went to meet a friend before she leaves the country and had steak and then went to meet another friend who is going away for a couple of weeks and on Sat am going to a friend's leaving party and Tues is my good friend's farewell - talk about a pattern here! Things change constantly...
Just wanted to thank the girls for helping me put my website together in the first place and would love to know what you think of this one?
And now it's time to get out as many cards as I can to hand out next week!

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