Monday, June 19

France, love, tears, Borders and books

So far this morning, I have been speaking to a French girl who has come into the shop a few times, about how expensive books are and how Australians seem happier because they dress for brightness and comfort and have colours all over the place. She pointed out that we have a lot of funky bright buildings and shop fronts and that we embrace warmth and colour over here and looking around this street, I can see the blue buildings, some awesome shop fittings and signs and
it certainly makes me feel happy!
A friend of mine is leaving this week and taking a risk on life, love and adventure and although it is very very sad to see her go, she is the kind of friend who is optimistic and exciting and the best to hang out with!, she is going through a tough time and I feel inspired by her. Her heart chose, her head is okay with all of it and sometimes I too want to find love and take a risk! We are all going to her leaving/ engagement party tommorrow night and there will be tears!
I have been thinking a lot about Borders lately and what makes it one of the stores I have been visiting the most. I realised I love how it is commercially selling itself to readers. I have learnt over the past year that although reading is a solitary hobby, there is nothing like a book read between friends or a club or reviewed on a newspaper or having some controversial elements or publicity attached to it. Then suddenly everyone wants to read it or reread it! And for people who read alone, it is fantastic to find others who have read a book and can recommend others to us and many friendships are formed this way. And for that we have movies like Narnia, which had people wanting to read the series again and the Da Vinci code (good or not good - look at the publicity, the DVDs, the movie and all the hype it has brought!) and Truman Capote which I have had people asking me for In Cold Blood for weeks!
When I go to Borders all the controversial and commercial books are available in huge numbers and I have yet to find that a book which has been on a list or newsworthy or in a movie not available in their mega stores!. It is an incredible and well stocked first hand book store with an ability to market commercialism and give people what's available! Jelous? Me no, I am inspired by their delivery! And it has made a difference to my shop because I display books which are commercial and are on the lists and in the movies - thanks Borders!BordersAustralia
I realised that I comfort read, I find books to suit or sate my moods and I turn to chick lit a lot! I like books which have controversial issues and question life styles and choices but have humour, or something insightful with a message as well. I have been wandering about the shop looking for something to 'comfort read' this morning. It's going into the urban dictionary! Does anyone else comfort read???
and look! asitededicatedtopeoplelikeme ,smart but not pretentious, I want to learn but want it to be part of my life and want to embrace all kinds of things, ideas, therapies and lessons without becoming obsessed about one in particular and to enjoy warmth and humour!
So the book I chose to comfort read this morning is... mylover'slover I loved After You'd gone, she has a creepy style which intrigues the reader because it is so unpredictable! This is comfort :)

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  1. Absolutely I comfort read, best done with a pot of tea or a cup of hot chocolate. When I'm really looking for comfort, I'll return to childhood favorites (just like a good plateful of macaroni and cheese). This past weekend, I spent a good deal of time with E. Nesbit. Katie Fforde is also great accompaniment for a good pot of tea. And, of course, the classic comfort read is Jane Austen.