Saturday, June 24

one of those days!

I'm neither here nor there (sorry Bill Bryson) and Half Asleep in Frog Pyjamas (sorry also to Tom Robbins!) it's been a really full on week with people coming and going - Juicy came back from the UK last night and we have all sorts of gym plans and health plans and cannot wait to catch up with her tonight, I have a HUGE networking thingy on on Thurs night, plans almost every night this week and next and frankly I am falling asleep right here...
I still have not started the book I mentioned and instead found Penelope Green's WheninRome - I am already loving this book! She left Sydney when she was 28, went to live and work in Rome and seems to be doing pretty well! Judging by the fact that a good friend of mine just left to live with a man in the UK and another friend moved to Hong Kong for work and my friends come and go all the time, it is great to read about people taking risks and taking chances and inspires me to take action... I love the style of this book about a girl who had a very successful career and life in Sydney but was looking for something more.
I had a strange experience yesterday at the shop. I was helping a lovely 7 year old girl to find books to read, we were digging through the Aussie Bites and Nibbles, find a book on a Ruby Princess and we were talking about this book Tashi when a lady came in and interrupted us because she wanted me to promote and sell her friend's new book in my shop. I must have said about 5 times that I was busy with customers and I would be with her when I was finished but she kept on interrupting me, so I had no choice but to ignore her and carrying on helping the people. I hate the thought of losing customers but also could not get why she could not see I was clearly busy. Later when they left, she explained that she was from a different country and didn't understand why I did not help her straight away! Hmmm
So now I have two lots of new books on my desk from unknown writers, one is about a man's experiences in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and the other is this lady's poetry book. She is from Romania and the poems are pretty excellent considered they are translated. Apparently she is well known!
So with the art coming in, the beautiful smells and flowers and clean floors and almost brand new looking books - in the past two or so weeks I have made a recognisable transformation!
So am drinking tea (antioxidants!) listening to classy French music (with a bit of jazz!) and reading this great book while a lady is digging through all the art books and found a couple of exceptional (her words) stuff.
It started off one of those days but now the CD is playing La Vie En Rose - Bing Crosby's version - absolutely breathtaking!

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